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Does your business or organization use catering services? If you enjoy our Deli Restaurant & Café Menu you will find similar items on our Catering Menu. For breakfast or brunch try our Badger’s Rise & Shine with a fine assortment of bagels and pastries or a Fresh Fruit Platter that will include seasonal fruit selections. Our lunch catering menu has extensive offerings from JR’s Deli Favorites that includes classic bagel sandwiches topped with our fine selection of meats and cheeses to a Fish & Cheese Platter complete with smoked fish, generous cheeses, toppings and bagels. The items you order from our Catering Menu will be carefully prepared and promptly delivered to your location.


Chief's Bagel Platter

Georgetown Bagelry’s favorite lunch platter is a complete meal with smoked whitefish salad, and egg salad bagel sandwiches, with creamed herring and fresh chopped scallions and cream cheese on the side, and topped with slices of tomato, onion and cucumber.

Badger’s Rise & Shine

This is Georgetown Bagelry’s favorite anytime platter. It’s perfect for a small breakfast or brunch or an afternoon snack. Choose from our wide selection of made fresh daily bagels and assorted muffins and top your selected baked goods with farm fresh butter, Italian preserves or cream cheese.

Don’t wait another day, stop by the Georgetown Bagelry and enjoy what so many others find delicious.

Georgetown Bagelry's Catering Menu is currently being updated. Please call 301.657.4442 to place your order.