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Mary Beall AdlerGeorgetown Bagelry has been baking fine artisan bagels for the Washington DC Metropolitan region since 1981 using 400-year old bagel baking traditions with the freshest ingredients. Mary Beall Adler (AKA @GTownBagel on Twitter), the owner of the Georgetown Bagelry began learning the art of making fine artisan bagels in 1985 when she became a part of the Georgetown Bagelry family. The Bagelry is widely regarded as the best bagel bakery south of New York City. It was also voted “Best Bagel” by the Washington D.C. City paper for 2009, 2011 and 2012.

Mary Beall Adler, an artist at heart, believes in nurturing the old tradition of bagel baking and enjoys bringing the raw talent behind the process to her Bagelry. Bagels were originally made of white flour; they were considered great delicacies in Eastern Europe where poor people only ate black bread. A bagel was considered lucky because of its round shape. According to mythology, the circle was regarded as the perfect form because it has neither beginning nor end. Mary feels that baking, like music, dance, and the arts, requires form, function, consistency and aesthetics for her customers to truly experience the tradition of artisan bagel baking.

“It’s not just the ingredients that are important,” says Mary, the owner of The Georgetown Bagelry. “It’s also the process which cannot be rushed. It’s the prep work, the mixing, the proofing, the textures and temperatures which must be nurtured and balanced to create superior ‘artisan’ bagels. It is personally very rewarding to see faces light up when people smell fresh bagels and experience the chewy crunchiness of their texture. It is a distinct taste sensation that is a joy to provide.”

Mary and her team of Master Bagel Bakers have created a consistent tradition of baking bagels and offering only the best to its customers at the Georgetown Bagelry.