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Georgetown Bagelry’s VP Speaks at Leadership Speakers Academy at West Point

Lucien Koefoed, VP of Georgetown Bagelry speaks at the Leadership Speakers Academy at West Point.

Random Act of Kindness

Over the summer — from Mother’s Day until the end of June — Georgetown Bagelry’s owner and CEO, Mary Beall Adler, biked across country, raising money for globalbike, a non-profit that helps transform lives and communities with the power of bikes. During her cross-country journey, alongside the Missouri border, she ran into…

Powered By Bagels: Mary Beall Adler Bikes Cross Country for Global Women’s Charity

This Mother’s Day, entrepreneur Mary Beall Adler, owner of Georgetown Bagelry for more than 25 years, will hit the road on a cross-country bike tour to raise money for globalbike, inc., a nonprofit connecting Tanzanian women to vital resources through bicycles. An avid cyclist and mother of six in a…

Receive a Postcard from Mary as She Bikes Cross-Country #PoweredByBagels

In a week, Mary will be riding across the US, raising money for globalbike, a non profit organization that provides bikes to community careworkers, and women and girls in Tanzania, Africa. If you’d like to receive a postcard from Mary as she rides through 14 states and pedals more than 3300…